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A glimpse into the life of a Haitian

On our first “real” day in Haiti, we woke up in our newly assembled bunk beds, ready to face whatever was thrown our way! Many people returning from mission trips talk about the poverty, the hunger, and the few luxuries experienced by the people in Haiti.. but what nobody tells you is that the children are tireless. We arrived at a school early in the day and immediately upon arrival we were bombarded with the excited faces of the children from both the school and surrounding homes. In unity they rushed toward us and the teens spread out and at any given time a teen would have at least two small children hanging onto our fingers and smiling up at us. It was an afternoon worth remembering. 



We spoke to Hannah, one of our teens, about her first few impressions:

Q: What did you think about visiting the school Notre Dame?
A: It was great getting to play with the kids and go in the classrooms.  This school was very different compared to schools in the US, but that’s to be expected.  It was much more drastic than I thought it would be though.  I had a ton of fun playing soccer with the kids on the playground! 




Q: What do you think of the village?
A: I love seeing all the people walking around, and the women with baskets on their heads.  The scenery is beautiful here as well.  This village has a certain energy to it.  People are always out doing stuff.  



Q: What did making the food bags mean to you?

A: The first thing that popped into my mind was “feed the hungry, clothe the naked…” I have heard that Bible verse countless times in Mass, but to actually do it was amazing.  Also I love  being able to make these food bags as a team with our group.  



Day 1!


This is a picture of two of our girls (Sam left, Sarah right) in the airport right before we took off for Haiti! We woke up at 4 a.m in the morning (3 if you don’t count day lights savings) and we made our way to the air port for a life changing week.


When we saw Haitian land there was a collective sigh of relief that we had made it, and the excitement in the air was palpable.. we were in Haiti!

I asked one of our girls, Alex, a few questions before we landed.

What are your expectations?
– “I don’t have any.. I’m coming in with a blank slate and since I’ve been a little nervous I’ve been trying not to think too much about what’s coming up!”

What is the one thing you want to get out of this experience?
– “I want a better worldly understanding. We’re so fortunate in America sometimes it’s really hard to imagine just what it would be like to live in other places.”

What do you want to leave behind in Haiti?
– “My materialistic views.. I admit I’m a little materialistic and I’m hoping this trip will change that for me!”


Over the course of the week we asked most of our teens and some of our adults to share their experiences on this trip to give those of you who haven’t been to Haiti a fresh perspective on what it means to experience a third world country.  We will be sharing these stories and more pictures in the weeks to come!