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T minus 30 days!

ImageOne of my favorite moments I had while in Haiti was this one. The group was walking back from a trip to a local school and on the way we saw a variety of people and the whole walk was like watching a story unfold. We saw the hardships within the community – evident in the hour to two hour walks (one-way) many kids took every day just to make it to school. In some cases they would be walking home early as their teachers were, for whatever reason, unavailable to make it to school that day and unable to warn the children about their absence. In other pockets of people we saw how the community came together to help one another carry baskets of food, laundry, and other items to various places throughout the village with smiles on their faces. The picture above depicts my favorite part of the story – The extraordinary love between many of the girls and boys.

ImageI was so taken aback when I saw all the girls and boys holding hands without a care in the world.┬áIn our own society there are certain stigmas attached to these displays of affection and we often refrain from demonstrating our love for one another in such a manner. After having been a part of the Haitian community for a mere week I realized how important these connections are. We are all human and part of a community in some way or another and it is so important to let others know how much we value and need them. I learned so much from my trip and can’t wait to go back in a month!