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Over the past couple of weeks Teens for Haiti and Help Brings Hope for Haiti have seen an overwhelming amount of support! A few Saturdays ago HBHH, our local church, and TFH spread the word that we were going to be moving desks and other furniture from the church’s old portables into a container to ship to Haiti. When we arrived on Saturday morning there were tons of families, friends, and younger kids lining up to start moving things!


In ant-like fashion, over the course of a mere 2 hours, all the volunteers trucked desks, shelves, and other supplies to the container, from the portables. We managed to fill up most of the container due to the donations of the church and the aid of our volunteers!


Sarah’s Story



Signing up to go to Haiti was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  One week in the village of St. Suzanne changed my entire life.  Before the trip, I had no idea what to expect.  I had never been on a mission trip before, and I had only been out of the country once (unless you count the Disney Cruise to the Bahamas).  Honestly, I was scared.  I was going out of the country without my parents and without any close friends.  But I knew I was in for an incredible experience once we landed in Haiti.  We stayed in St. Suzanne for the whole week, meeting the village people, playing with the children, and helping out the community in any way that we could.  I loved every moment of it.  Every day we would go down the road to a school and play games and work with the children.  One day we brought balloons and the children had the time of their lives.  It was their first time seeing a balloon. Small things like this just shows how blessed we are to live in America. From playing games, to cleaning out the warehouse, to handing food bags out, to visiting the sick and homebound, to dancing with the schoolchildren, to bonding with everyone that was on the mission trip with me, I found the beauty and happiness that comes from their simplistic lifestyle.  We had so many laughs and good times with our team, and I made some very close friendships.  Before this trip I didn’t really know a world outside of where I lived.  This trip opened my eyes to another part of the world though, and it opened my heart to something other than me.  Starting Teens for Haiti with the other teens and really getting it up and running has been an adventure of its own.  I love running the organization with Rachel because I know exactly who our work is for.  As we start planning our trip back to Haiti, I am so excited to spend time with these people again! Haiti is where I learned that I love to serve others, and where I learned much about myself.