Feeling crafty?

 Well we are! Shout-out to some of the guys and gals who made these great paintings possible – Sarah, Mia, Monica, Abby, Grace, Devin, Adam, Trevor, Delaney, Alex, Julia, Rachel H, Genna, Rachel G, and Gaby. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of awesome events; ranging from cutting glass, soldering, and making stain glass crosses to splatter painting both the canvases and a few girls in the process. We’ve had an amazing group of volunteers who have been giving up their Saturday mornings and afternoons to come spend some time creating art to sell for several fundraising events. Armed with Publix cookies and masking tape, we spent hours choosing designs and accompanying quotes. Most girls came in with the disclaimer “I have no idea what I’m doing, and I can’t draw a straight line.” but, after being handed a paintbrush and a sponge, eventually had fun with the challenge! We were initially nervous about the paintings; What if we messed up? What if people didn’t like the quotes we chose? What if ran out of ideas? Sarah and I were especially worried for our first experiment with homemade merchandise. We had struggled to find something that we could be sure people would want to buy, but something cheap enough to produce that we could still make a profit. That’s where our awesome volunteers came in. The number of teens who signed up to get on board astounded us; we expected one or two, but instead we had over 15 kids volunteer for one project or another. This allowed us to make double the expected canvases, and produce over 100 stain glass crosses. We are proud to announce the first event that we’re selling at is at Christ the King on November 11, where there is a market event called “Winter Fest”. After that we will be taking orders and hopefully hunt down more venues to sell our goods at!

It was during one of these sessions when I looked around and saw all these teens working diligently on their canvases (tongues out, music on, and the occasional “OH NO!”) that I realized how many of us here at Teens For Haiti have benefited from working on something with others, for others. We’re so excited to move forward in our ventures to raise money for the people of Haiti, and we thank each and every one of you for showing support by liking our Facebook page and spending a couple of minutes hearing about our story. Hope everyone has a great upcoming week and checks out our art  next Sunday at Christ the King!



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